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Ocean engineering

Ocean engineeringOcean engineering is the application of engineering principles in an ocean environment. The diversity of this environment and the challenge of the ocean frontier make it an exciting career for young ocean engineers.

Ocean engineers are involved in (a) exploration and exploitation of offshore gas and oil fields, (b) searching for economical methods for extracting energy from the oceans, (c) coastal zone management, (d) development of undersea vehicles and intelligent work systems, (e) maintaining and deepening harbors and their entrance channels, (f) designing fixed and floating offshore structures, (g) beach restoration, (h) instrumentation, and (i) acoustic surveillance systems. View our full description

Ocean engineering at Texas A&M is an interdisciplinary program.

You'll begin your studies here with basic courses in mathematics and science, engineering and design, and humanities and social sciences.

More specialized courses in ocean engineering include ocean wave mechanics, ocean structures, coastal engineering, underwater acoustics, hydromechanics, naval architecture, underwater and moored system design, and design of ocean facilities.

The ocean engineering program uses the most modern laboratory facilities available for teaching and research. These include two- and three-dimensional wave tanks, variable slope flume, dredge pump test loop, tow/dredge tank, data acquisition systems, laser doppler anemometer, and electronic instruments for field and laboratory measurements.

  • A large three-dimensional wave basin equipped with state-of-the-art multidirectional wave generators is a part of the Offshore Technology Research Center at Texas A&M.
  • The new Coastal Engineering Laboratory houses a large shallow water flume and a long tow/dredge flume.

You may continue your ocean engineering studies at the graduate level, working toward Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Engineering degrees.

Ocean engineering at Texas A&M

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