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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineeringEngineers apply science and mathematics to create products for the benefit of mankind. Mechanical engineers design products that require application of mechanical, thermal and fluid sciences. They work with generation, conversion, transmission and utilization of power; all types of mechanical devices; and all types of manufacturing and plant design. View our full description

Mechanical engineers work for industrial, governmental, consulting and research organizations. Industry needs mechanical engineers with a thorough understanding of fundamental engineering science as well as analytical and practical skills.

The mechanical engineering curriculum at Texas A&M educates students in habits of logical thinking, a prerequisite for professional competence.

The curriculum consists of basic theory courses followed by laboratory experiences in combustion and thermal sciences, dynamic systems and controls, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials and manufacturing, and solid mechanics.

A capstone design experience requires students to combine their knowledge and skills to design a product or system to meet a given need.

Elective courses are offered in air conditioning, automotive engineering, computer-aided design, controls, energy conversion, internal combustion engines, manufacturing, materials, polymer processing, nondestructive evaluation, metallurgy, power generation, solid and fluid mechanics, turbomachinery and others.

The work of mechanical engineers varies from general engineering to numerous, narrow specialties. In general, mechanical engineers work in one of the following areas: design, construction, controls, materials specification and evaluation, analysis of thermal systems, fluid and solid mechanics, manufacturing, plant engineering, research and development, and technical sales.

Mechanical engineers work in almost every industry that employs engineers. Many are promoted to management and administrative positions.

Mechanical engineering at Texas A&M

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